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Hanaregumi & Rekishi will deliver past songs with subscription services! Collaboration songs are also released at the same time!

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The happy news has arrived.



Hanaregumi and Rekishi, who are members of the SUPER BUTTER DOG band who once worked together and are now doing solo projects, announced that their past songs will be delivered all at once with subscription services.



Until now, Hanaregumi and Rekishi have been popular for their activities. They also appeared a lot at large festivals, and live activities were energetic. However, it is also true that until now, they could not listen to their songs on subscription services, and there was a constant demand for the ban on distribution.



Now that the subscription service has been lifted, the hope that many fans have been waiting for has come true.





Can you expect new fans, not just Old fans?



There is no doubt that many old fans will be pleased with the decision to deliver to subscription services this time. There will be many people who know them since the days of SUPER BUTTER DOG.



But I don't think it's just the old fans who are happy about this. It seems that some people have been interested in their songs but couldn't listen to them without a chance. For those people, this time they can listen to their music. When it comes to acquiring new fans, it also benefits artists.



Now that subscription services have become popular, publishing music in this way makes it possible for people who are not just fans to listen to it, which is an opportunity for artists to publicize themselves.



Two pairs of subscription bans can be said to be a big part of the Japanese music scene, and I hope everyone will enjoy this opportunity.



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