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Hi-Standard is showing live videos on YouTube for a limited time! All legendary videos will be released!!

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The other day, the label "Pizza of Death," to which many rock bands such as Hi-Standard belong, has released the past songs of their artists to each subscription service.



Many fans would have cheered for this surprise news. In particular, it was quite a big news that the past songs of Hi-Standrad, which once stood out in the world, were released. It would be deeply moved that the band, which the fans of the past year have loved for many years, released a song with a feeling.



Hi-Standard is still known to the younger generation as a legendary band. Hi-standard is also active now, and the legend can be seen in front of you.



Even on such Hi-Standrad and Youtube, I released the surprise. It's about releasing past live videos.





The image of the legendary AIR JAM 2011 in the 2011 earthquake year ...



From the official Youtube channel of Pizza of Death, Hi-Standard's past live videos has been premium released. This is for a limited time only, and the viewing is due until the end of May.



The released video is 2011. From the year of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The 2011 AIR JAM was held at Yokohama Stadium, and the Hi-standard live there has become a legend. The impression that you saw the live video seems to be natural, but the excitement is amazing. It's incomparable to other bands .



After all, there are a lot of people who do cloud surfing and dive just by Hi-Standard members appearing on stage. And the first song since the live began, the voltage of the anthem-like "Stay Gold" stadium exploded as you can see on the screen.



It's only for a limited time to be able to see such "realistic" images that are "too dangerous", so if you have time, you should definitely take a look.



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