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BUMP OF CHICKEN will release all past live Videos and unreleased Music Video on YouTube! Surprisingly many premiere MV

Seigo Ando( Evening Music Records )

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Surprise news came in.


BUMP OF CHICKEN will release the past live Videos and unreleased Music Videos of past songs on YouTube.


The live video to be released is said to be the video from the "BUMP OF CHICKEN TOUR 2017-2018 PATH FINDER" tour that took place from 2017 to 2018. Now, with the desire to entertain as many people as possible under the influence of the new coronavirus, a number of popular artists have been offering special services such as the release of live videos on Youtube. Is it that BUMP OF CHICKEN finally entered it?


This surprise is not the only one. Of the songs so far, 22 Music Videos will be released at the same time on YouTube. Also, since it is a MV that has not been released on Youtube so far, there will be a lot of people who see it for the first time with this opportunity. This is also an exceptionally rare service.


When it comes to artists who have the same level of influence as BUMP OF CHICKEN, there is a lot of reaction. On SNS such as Twitter and instagram, there were many people who expressed joy in this special news.


As expected, it's called BUMP OF CHICKEN.





I'm thrilled with the live video, but I still miss the live show?

Since many artists to date have released live images from the past, I think many people are enjoying the benefits and having a good time. I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know the music I've been listening to so far, and I can feel that music is getting excited even under these circumstances.


But after all, I miss a real live performance. This is a fact that cannot be helped.


It's Golden Week right now, and I think many people say that they are full of fun things every year. JAPAN JAM, VIVA LA ROCK, etc. are becoming the norm for Golden Week, but we cannot hold this year.


Summer festivals to be held ahead of time are not promised to be held at this time. In that sense, it's frustrating that it's unclear when the days when you can see a live come back.


Of course, the atmosphere and extraordinary space unique to live concerts have contributed to clearing daily stress and anxiety. However, now that I haven't had a live show, I'm not able to dissipate the inner frustration. Nowadays, even words such as DV and "Corona divorce" have come out. Many people aren't in a normal state of mind anyway.


After all, what seems to change for a real live is neither good nor bad. Should each one of us only focus on solving the current situation?



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