A kiss is enough!? Subtle mood created by the sex-swapping lyrics of “Kisu dake de(A Kiss Is Enough) feat. Aimyon” by Masaki Suda

Yuki Matoba(Evening Music Records Inc.)



 Another collab song was born.



 “Kisu dake de(A Kiss Is Enough) feat. Aimyon” by Masaki Suda, the popular actor whose name we can overhear everywhere in Japan, featuring Aimyon, who is also trendy, was released. The music video has already been played over 2.6 million times and is ranked on the Trending chart. This shows the steady popularity of the both among young generations of Japan.



 More people than usual must have been interested in this release because just before this, Aimyon was caught staying the night with Ozaki Sekaikan, the lead singer of a Japanese band, CreepHyp. Let's take a closer look at the song.





Just a kiss with a mysterious look ... Meaningful Music video is ...



 If you can speak Japanese, you might notice the technique of the lyrics once you listened to the song.



 That's right, Suda is singing the female part softly, while Aimyon is singing the male part strongly. The melody is a typical slow ballad, but the voice of the two and the lyrics creates a  strange yet comfortable feeling, thus precisely expressing the relation between men and women without sensuality.



 Recently, Masaki Suda has been releasing many collab songs with various artists including another popular musician Kenshi Yonezu, and I feel that Suda has such an overwhelming presence which turns any collab songs into his own thing while also keeping the flavour of the other musician. He started his career as an actor, but now we can say that he himself is also a musician. This is amazing.



Try to thoroughly enjoy Shibata Shogi and Aimyon on YouTube ...?



 Why don't you try “Kisu dake de feat. Aimyon” on YouTube, and witness the strange world through the music video?



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