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< Winning grammy in three major awards >  Olivia Rodrigo, 19-year-old singer who leads the new music scene. Why does she attract many audiences?

< Winning grammy in three major awards > Olivia Rodrigo, 19-year-old singer who leads the new music scene. Why does she attract many audiences?

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Oliva Rodrigo is the 19-year-old solo singer-songwriter who debuted with her first single, “drivers license” in January 2021, which became viral on social media. She captured the spotlight worldwide with the first song she released under her artist name. She is a newborn pop queen who suddenly appeared in a new music scene. The first album she released in May 2021 was a long hit on streaming services internationally. At the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, she won three Grammys for best new artist, best pop vocal album for "Sour," and best pop solo performance for “Drivers' License." How does she attract so many fans in a short period? I interview some teenagers in the US who are big fans of her.

Emotional and relatable lyrics

One of the significant characteristics of her lyrics is that she expresses her feelings and experiences very vividly, which brings listeners to the world that we can experience what she has gone through. She said in the documentary, “I often feel like no one can understand her loneliness and struggles. However, expressing her emotions by writing songs is like making best friends who know her very well.” Many fans from different generations sympathize with her lyrics, making them feel like they are experiencing a bittersweet break-up together. Her sense of picking words is one of the reasons she attracts many fans. In the song “de java,” she expresses her jealousy toward her ex’s new girlfriend, who has been experiencing the same date as her. The lyrics have a lot of details about what she did on a date with her ex. The fan said, sentences like “ strawberry ice cream in Malibu” are very relatable because it’s a common thing to do in daily lives for teenagers in California. People can easily imagine the situation in the lyrics, which makes her songs much more relatable.

High singing ability and wide range of musicality

She has had a long career since she started as a child actress. She has taken voice lessons since she was five. She played the leading role in the Disney Channel series ”High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” Her singing ability got a rising endorsement from Disney. Additionally, the melodies she creates are very catchy and fit perfectly for each different style of music. She sings indie, alternative pop, pop, and punk rock. Each music genre enhances her world-building and unique lyrics even more. In the first song of the album, “brutal,” she expresses her anxiety and madness as a teenager. The music successfully brings a more aggressive and stronger message by signing in punk rock. She got inspiration from rock stars like “the killers” and “Avril Lavigne.” She contributes to the recent punk rock trend among younger ages.

A huge Pop icon among teenagers

Not only her songs, her personality, fashion, and make-up are also gathering massive attention from fans. She is one of the most rising young singers, but she is just a teenage girl. Her personality checked from interviews and social media is adorable and charming. More and more people become fans because of her lovely nature. She often wears vintage 2000s clothes called “Y2K fashion,” such as a copped t-shirt and baggy pants, and lots of her fans imitate her style. The live video “sour prom” was streamed when she graduated from her high school last June. It was created based on a high school dance party theme; fans leave many positive comments about her gorgeous dress and decorations. Olivia Rodrigo's Japanese official Twitter is uploading her concert and daily life outfits with the hashtag #オリ服. (means like Olivia's cloth collection) You can check her latest information translated into Japanese. Follow the account from the link below.

Nominated for the Billboard Music Awards...

She is in 13 nominations, including best female artist for the Billboard music award, one of the three major American music awards in Las Vegas on May 16th (May 17th in japan time). It will be putting a spotlight on her performance and outfit for the award.
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